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aladdin 12 april 2019 full episode

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aladdin 12 april 2019 full episode

aladdin 12 april 2019 full episode

how is the biryani, aladdin? it’s good. are the grapes raw?- no. so i’ll bring onionsfrom heaven. – fine. onions from heaven? mom, what are you saying?are you okay? i am absolutely fine.but what is wrong with you? what are you thinking?isn’t the ‘sheer kurma’ tasty? the dish made by my momwill not be tasty

is that even possible? then what has happened?what are you thinking? are you thinking about jinu? aladdin, we will find jinu. you are making so manyefforts to find him. don’t worry. yes, mom. there is one more thingthat is troubling me. – what? snob’s father wants to meet me.

really?this is very good news, aladdin. you get your hair cutand go decently dressed. and that red kurta thatyou wear on eid.. you look like a princewhen you wear that. wear that and go. andi’ll make a face-pack of milk. after all, you are going to meetyour future father-in-law. no, mom! my dear mom. you are going too fast. she is spending so much timewith me while looking for jinu

and hence her father wantsto know who i am. if i am some useless guy. and future father-in-law..mom, you are.. do you know, that girl haskept her mouse’ name aladdin. you are laughing, mom? are you my mom or hers? i am your mom, but will behers too very soon. mom, she is justa good friend of mine. i see! only good friend!

that night when the catwas in the house.. i know very well who that was. ‘aladdin, this is the same catwhich often comes to our house?’ ‘no, mom, this is not that cat.’ ‘this cat has mischievous eyes,innocent smile and rosy cheeks.’ ‘are you talking about a cator your snobbish friend.’ ‘about my snobbish friend.’ what happened?

why are you feeling shy? she is just your friend,isn’t it? – yes. i’ll make a face-packand bring for you. my life and happinessis incomplete till i don’t findmy brother jinu. but i can’t snatch thishappiness from your face. just once i hope i find outthe truth about the minister. you are the loyal soldierof the minister, isn’t it? if he is not in that room,i’ll kill you.

he is not the real killer. he was an illusion created by meon the orders of my boss. now gullu will not be spared. as soon as you saw the enemy,you broke down. you told him in one momentwhere i was. i was testing you and you failed. you will have to paythe price for this. minister! minister!

i know there is no forgivenessfor this crime. but you have a forgiving heart,isn’t it? give me one chance,if i fail this time then your head and my sword. no! i mean, my headand your sword. i give you. but in future,don’t make this mistake. a gift, minister? this is not a gift,but an opportunity for you.

listen to me carefully. leave. – got it, minister. i’ll not make any mistakethis time. if you want to stay alive then you shouldn’t makeany mistake. okay. what is this game, master? the fear of death is amazing,ring genie. a man can do anything

due to that. i made you attack him. and created a fear thathe can lose his life. i knew nothingof this sort will happen. but wheni threatened to kill him i knew he would do the job i gave him well. wow! amazing! first you scared him,then entrapped him.

you are amazing! i wish i could say the sameabout you too. anyway.. ‘if you wish,you can also thank me.’ ‘i am not a good genie.’ ‘keep me away from you.’ ‘lock me inthe lamp again, master.’ ‘genie, you?’ ‘i am your brother.- brother?’

‘i am going to lookfor the masked thief.’ jinu has lost his memory. he has changed so much. but when i was sittingwith him that day.. i felt the old genie is stillexisting in the new genie. round and fat!loves everyone. and i am missing him so muchright now. where are you, jinu? how do i find you,give me some signal.

why am i feeling so restless? why do i feel that the truth isin front of me and i can’t see it. ‘this looks likea very special room.’ ‘very special.’ ‘strange person.’ ‘fake hair too.’ ‘the colour of the hairis also fake.’ ‘this person is a fake.’

‘your highness,this is the masked thief.’ the truth will be revealed.think a bit more in the past. that cloak! ‘we have foundthe cloak of the minister.’ that cloak.. i have seen that cloak somewhereelse too. where have i seen it? ‘come, masked thief.’ oh, gosh! i had seen mucchadwearing that cloak.

mucchad’s cloak in theminister’s room? that means thatis the minister’s cloak. that means.. ‘but, minister,how did you reach here?’ ‘we had left youin the pavilion!’ it means the ministeris mucchad. ‘are you trying to hideyour feelings from me?’ ‘there is someone specialin your life.’ ‘baghdad’s princess is in lovewith an ordinary boy.’

‘this is not lovebut infatuation.’ ‘i want to meet that boy.’ ‘before introducingaladdin to your dad’ ‘you two should talkto each other.’ how did i end up here? now i feel that irrespective of the pathi choose i will reach the masked thief. i know about my feelings.

but about his feelings.. i am not sure. if he had feelings for me he would have been at leastslightly interested in meeting my father. but perhaps.. perhaps somethingis stopping him.. oh, god! so many questions..

and only the masked thief has all the answers. i cannot ask him clearly. and if i do not,i will feel restless. i will go mad this way. oh, goodness!- wow! wow, my dear wife! at last you tookthe right decision. i am going to miss you terribly.

but no one can stopif someone wishes to leave. what do you mean? i swear on gold coins! have you consumed drugs?what rubbish are you talking? you mean, you are notgoing to live like a pauper by handing over allthe jewellery to me. you are an ominous person. how can i expect you to sayanything auspicious? mister, these ornamentshave become old.

just like you.- what! the ornaments and i bothhave become old. we will get along well. give them to me. i am not the same personanymore. now i am the mother of subedar. my son has been appointedas subedar by the minister. i am going to put theseornaments in the vault and lock it.

now we are going to geta new and large vault. i am going to storeprecious ornaments in that vault.. i’ll make sure to stuff it.. i’ll make sure to stuff it..- dear we are talking about gullu. he is a fool. he has taken after you. it will be a big deal if he doesnot lose his job within a month.

rubbish. god knows why i took birth in the family of suchilliterate people. how dare they make fun of me! by completing the taskassigned by the minister i will prove to them that i am not good-for-nothingas they think rather i am very lucky for them. i wonder why aladdingets so scared

whenever anyone mentionsabout love. is he not aware that there is nothing morebeautiful in this world than love?and love.. only lucky people areunited with their love. i too felt lucky when i got married to omar. but both my luck as well as omarleft me. ‘sheer khurma’!

here i come. ‘if you wish to stay alive’ ‘make sure you do notmake any mistake.’ think about it. i can eat ‘sheer khurma’some other time. but i will not getthis chance again. a chance to earn respect. a chance to survive. i did the task nicely.

i am going to become famous now. seems like you are fed upof your life. that’s why you daredto do this. i am not fed up of life,but filled with happiness. i have brought such good news that even we should notcast an evil eye. hence i made it dark. what is the news? what you said is true, master.

on the coming moon eclipse,if we make a sacrifice you will get all the evil powers which you should have gotmuch earlier. those evil powers which willtake you to your destination. now that night is not too far. amazing! you have given amazing news. i have been waiting for thatdark night since a long time.

now the night will come and there will bean eclipse on the moon. and my name will bein everyone’s eyes. everyone will be astonished. very good. i had made this kurta for youyears ago. because i knew youwould surely return. you came that day.. and i could not givethis to you.

how much morewill you make me wait? i’ll continue to do some work, only then i will be fine. otherwise i’ll be thinking aboutaladdin’s father all the time. aladdin never keeps his clothesin place. this is already messed up. let me clean it first. what is it in aladdin’s things that hurt me so badly.

this sword in aladdin’s clothes?

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aladdin 12 april 2019
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