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aladdin 2019 how long is the movie

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aladdin 2019 how long is the movie

aladdin 2019 how long is the movie

i don’t have proofbut i can sense it that someone is supportingmucchad. and i know who he is.- what! who’s he? the minister! are you sure sheikh ginu was safeguardingthat room? – yes, snob. as i told you, ginu saved mefrom falling down. then he made me vanish.

even in the solar watch room,it’s by ginu’s magic that the lamps were floatingin the air. ginu was about to tell mewhat’s in the room. anyway, let it go.we both can find it out. but if i’m right about my doubt then genie’s lampis in the same room. if it turns out to be true then the lampis with the minister! but how?

i have no idea, masked thief. but we both will haveto get inside the room. but sheikh ginu is guardingthe room. i have a solution for this.- what? mr. bulbul’s device which he made to catchthe genie. oh, yes. but, snob, that device..i mean, if we play the flute in the palaceand everyone hears it

then we will get caught. don’t worry. why?- i’ll take care, masked thief. snob, when we are together we always find a solution. thank you, snob. you were about to tell mesomething. i swear i regret the day

when my mothergot me married to you. you’re like a pain in the neck. i’ll surely stealruksaar’s fritters today. ruksaar! my presence over herecan defame you. it would be betterfor me to leave right now. nothing will go wrong.you.. go and hide inside. i’ll send them awayby giving some excuse. you may come out later.- ruksaar

even i don’t want to leave youand go away. but we have to controlour emotions. listen, i don’t have a problemto wait for our reunion. but i can’t tolerateany allegations on you. ruksaar, let me go now. i promise youi’ll come back soon for you. "the wind said something." "time is still."

"memories are" "guarding us." "they’re guarding us.." "the one who wants you." "will get you" "before time." "the one who’s testing you" "will take youto the other side." "i bow down to you.."

snob, i’m been waiting for you. you were about to saysomething important, right? ‘masked thief,you’ll have to wait for that.’ ‘you’re looking for sheikh ginuright now.’ ‘i don’t want my loveto interrupt’ ‘between the two of you.’ ‘i’m in love’ ‘and there’s no selfishnessin love.’ ‘anyway, i don’t knowwhat you feel.’

what happened, snob?tell me, what’s the matter? although it’s important,it can wait for another day. i’m very sleepy right now,masked thief. i’m so tired.it’s quite late already. let’s go to sleep. if i’m smart,you’re over smart. the snob is deceivingthe masked thief! i know you’re hiding somethingfrom me. you shouldn’t keep secretsfrom your confidants.

someone to whomthe secrets have to be revealed is not confidant, masked thief.- so, tell me what he is. shall i? tell me. he is a stupid! snob..- where did the voice come from? be careful, snob. this is not the timeto be careful, masked thief.

it’s time to escape. snob, this is not the timeto joke. our carelessnesscan get us trapped. trapped! not the trap, masked thief. i’m trapped in a whirlpool.- right and the whirlpool.. what!whirlpool! snob, why are you raving? well..

by whirlpool, i mean we’ll be trapped in a whirlpoolof problems, masked thief. anyway, if your assumptionturns out to be right if there’s any connectionbetween the minister and mucchad these soldiers can be his spies. it’s not right to discussover here. we should leave. it’s a perfect time but the place is wrong.

i brought this flower garlandfor ruksaar but forgot to give it to her. i swear, stop muttering.most important thing for me is to steal ruksaar’s fritters. giving information to ministercan be managed. fritters.. what will you dowith all the fritters? ruksaar!ruksaar. actually,he has a bad stomach pain. the lemon pickle you makeis quite healing.

you’ve kept iton the terrace, right? can you bring a bowl of it,dear? sure, sister-in-law.- it’s hurting! she went to bring the pickle. i’ll get the fritters. healthy woman, stand right here. i won’t let you go any further!- move aside. hold it..let it go! omar!

omar is alive! dear, if ruksaar informs omar about our misdeeds then we will be dead meat. i’ll tell you what,let’s move to some other city and start beggingoutside a mosque for our living. let’s go..- shut up! your thoughts are as uglyas your face. i swear, you can move a pebble

but cannot move a mountainfrom its place. this isn’t a problem,it’s an opportunity. i think godhas made up his mind to be kind to me. people say that heavenis a beautiful place but i’m experiencing heavenright now. ‘my heart is moonand you are the moonlight.’ ‘there will be no moonlight,if you walk away from me.’ is this a song too?

not yet.but it will be a song someday. and i guess, a crazy like mewill sing this song. well, masked thief, what if thismoment goes down in history? well, time only remembersprinces and princesses, snob. we should be thankfulto be remembered by our parents. time remembers princesses! so i will be a partof the history. and your namewill be mentioned in my page because i’m princess yasmine..

well, you may not looklike a princess but you really have the graceof a princess. well, you’re princessof which kingdom? you mean, me? i’m the princess of my heart. because in this whole world my heart is the only thingthat i can command. you can commandtwo hearts, not one. well, my dear princess

your slave has brought youto this beautiful place. here, it is only usand a few mosquitoes. so, tell me what is it? ‘the time is rightand the mood is perfect too.’ ‘today i will make himexpress his love for me.’ well, you know.. that is.. let’s play a game. sure, why not?which game do you want to play?

how about kabaddi?should we arm wrestle? should we play with shells? let’s knock on people’s doorand run away. are you a monkeyto play such games? are there other games too?- yes. it’s played using this. look, masked thief,the night is so beautiful. i’m going to give you a word and soon after hearing it,you have to tell me

what comes to your mind.you can’t think about it. you shouldn’t take time.i need an instant response. is this a game?- yes. – all right. are you ready?- always. brother.- ginu. trench.- depth. favourite food.- ‘sheer kurma.’ bathing.- once in a while. worship.- my mother.

love.- sn.. "they are talkingthrough their eyes." i mean, playful fighting.what else? is that what you thinkabout love? ‘well, now i knowwhat she’s up to?" ‘she may be smart,but i’m the masked thief.’ why are you so concernedabout my thoughts about love? why do you care? god, you answered my prayers

after so many years but not completely. omar came back home but left soon after. well, he was herefor a few minutes at least. i thank youfor getting him home. i couldn’t tell youabout aladdin nor could i tell aladdinabout you. i’m not going to tell youanything

rather i’ll get the fatherand son face to face. if god wills,this will happen for sure. it’s none of your business. whose business is it then? it can be anyone. it’s everybody’s business,but not yours. it’s your turn,you can’t walk away like this. it’s not fair. you’re goingto answer my questions now. i’m not interested.

you’re afraidthat you’re going to lose. oh, really! all right.go ahead with your questions. i’m going to lookinto your eyes and answer. moon.- festival. bull.- dung. compassion.- my father. selfish.- mucchad. fearless.- love.

life partner.- masked.. "they are talking" ‘through their eyes.’ "through their eyes.." zafar!he is better than before.. oh, he’s intense.the minister. you mean, your uncle the one who dyes his hair.do you want to be with him? why don’t you go playwith him?

why are you so concerned about my companion? what business have you gotwith my companion? of course, it’s my business. how?what do you think of me? that’s my line.- i used it. just answer my question. ‘i will, snob.i love you a lot.’ ‘you mean the world to me.you’re my happiness.’

‘but you have to waituntil we find genie.’ ‘then i’m going to screamat the top of my lungs’ ‘that i love you.’ ‘i heard everything althoughyou didn’t utter a word.’ ‘you’re my life partner.’ ‘this is not a song yet,but it will be someday.’ "through their eyes.." the night was beautiful,wasn’t it? "…through their eyes.."

it had a beautiful story. but all stories must end,you know. ‘i’ve told you one such story,masked thief.’ ‘i’m an ordinary girlin that story.’ ‘and that storywill have to end someday.’ ‘i don’t knowhow you will react then.’ ‘but i’ll tell you the truthbefore taking you to my father.’ shall we go?i’ve to unveil a lot of secrets. i know.

it’s time to unearth the truth.

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