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aladin 2019 argentina

Thursday, August 8th 2019. | Movie

aladin 2019 argentina

aladin 2019 argentina

hello! welcome to beth roars! i’m beth and today i’m going to be doing a vocal coach reacts to lea salonga and bradkane singing a whole new world. before we start you can find me on facebook,twitter and instagram. my handle is @bethroars also, please do check out my website www.bethroars.com where you can findin-depth singing technique blogs and you can also book a singing lesson fromme and last but not least, do check out my patreon. that’s www.patreon.com/bethroars where you can get more exclusive content and you can also guarantee that your request does happen i’m from a musical theatre background so i am a massive fan of disney and a massive fan of

lea salonga and everything a bit cheesy and musical theatre so i think i’m gonna love this. what makes it so disney is this kind of smiley wide way of singing it slightly american in that kind ofwhiny place. it’s really wide **sings** instead of **sings** it just makes it feel bright and sparkly and magical. it’s very disney. it isn’t right for every type of music but of course, that kind of smileysinging is just absolutely perfect for this and a lot of musical theatre. beautiful

so, there is nothing heavy about the waythey’re singing and it’s quite open instead of ‘world’ you don’t want it tooclosed. how you’d say world, it’s quite closed so when you’re singing it youwant it a lot more open **sings** super light it’s erring towards head voice, especially for the end not so muchfor brad because of where it sits in his range. it really goes into a really headvoice place on **sings** which keeps a feeling bright and easy and relaxed and if you feel like you’re on a magic carpet and again it is really interesting herebecause lea doesn’t always do this in

her songs. **sings** like a really wide mouth this way, not this way. on the’e’ and the ‘i’ which when i’ve heard her sing other musical theater she’s beenlike **sings** which is easier to sing but less disney great mix i have to say, i think brad is pushing ever so slightly and that’s partially to do with that disney style of very closed vowels. so, you can see on the picture i’ll put it up he’s like ‘you’ and his mouth is so closed. whereas with leas kind of managing to negotiate it quite well. she’s not losing tone or gettingany tension because of those closed

vowels. some of those disney vowels forhim, i wouldn’t say are working so well but it’s tricky because of course, youwant this style to be perfect, but the style sometimes does make it difficult. the difference there **sings** he was so closed. lea opened it up **sings** full head voice, a little bit whiny and that just made it feel a little bit more relaxed whereas he had that closed sound which give it a little bit of a feeling of push. they both went fully for the style andthat was great, but i do feel that lea negotiated it a little bit better. sheadapted her vowels when needs to be, so that it never was pushed. whereas brad went full in for it and went for all these

closed vowels and didn’t open his vowelswhen he could off, so he did have a bit more sort of push his tone. it did feel alittle bit less secure however, having said that, his tone was bright and lightand very disney. thank you for watching. i hope you enjoyed. if you did, please dolike and subscribe and i’ll see you in the next one! bye!

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