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captain marvel comics series

captain marvel comics series

captain marvel versus shazam. who will reign supreme as the true captainmarvel. while we lay it out for you, let us know yourpick in the comments down below with either hashtag carol or hashtag shazam. welcome to versus! a series on our channel where we take twocharacters and put them in the ring together to see who would win in a hypothetical deathmatch. today we’re looking at two characters whoare hitting the big screen both in their own respective films – captain marvel aka caroldanvers, and shazam.

before we jump into this match, a few rules- this battle happens on a chance meeting and is speculation leading up to what fullextent of their powers that will play out in both cinematic worlds. so we may lean on some comic book versionsas well. with that in mind let’s jump in. up first, we have captain marvel. created by writer roy thomas and artist genecolan. carol danvers began as an officer for theunited states air force. she would later become the very first ms.marvel in ms. marvel #1 back in 1977 when

her dna merged with mar-vell during a massiveexplosion which led to her superhuman powers. shes part kree, part human and ready for battle. next up on the docket is shazam. in the dc comics he too goes by the name of captain marvel, but for the sake of this breakdownwe will stick with shazam. created by artist cc beck and writer billparker in 1939 he first appeared in whiz comics #2. shazam is the alter ego of streetwise 14 year-oldbilly batson. when billy meets a wizard who tells him tosay the magic word shazam he takes on his

powers. shazam is an acronym for the six immortalelders known as solomon, hercules, atlas, zeus, achilles and mercury. so its safe to say carol will have her handsfull in this fight. let’s look at shazams abilities first. besides being able to transform himself intoa costumed adult to buy alcohol, shazam has superhuman strength, speed, flight and somuch more. now for his weaknesses, besides his alter-egobeing a 14 year old boy that wouldnt be able to fight his way out of a paper bag shazamis an insanely powerful superhero.

although his origins are based in magic, thatdoes not mean he is completely invulnerable to it. he is very susceptible to high-powered magicwhich has been seen to over power him before. in older stories of shazam a burst of lightingor high voltage of electricity has been able to revert him back to his 14 year old self. hes also very shy around attractive womenwhich many villains have used to exploit him. and what about captain marvel you ask? carol danvers has superhuman strength, endurance,stamina, physical durability, and with her kree physiology can shoot friggin laser beamsfrom her fists also known as photon blasts

plus she can fly at six times the speed ofsound, and also shows an ability to absorb forms of energy like electricity. although her weaknesses may be what gets herin trouble with shazam, if he exerts any form of magical energy that will certainly knockcarol out of commission. its the only type of energy she cant absorb. now onto the fightthis is a classic dc vs marvel fight with the winner being crowned the true captainmarvel. shazam begins the fight with a blast of energyknocking his opponent back and then tossing a batman doll at carol danvers showing offsome serious childlike innocence as he takes

her up up and away into the sky tossing carolto the ground. carol comes crashing into an old blockbustervideo, but dont count her out just yet she springs back up as shazam tries to fire offanother attack, carol counters absorbing that energy blasting it right back at shazam (ouucrushing blow to shazam. that burst of electricity transforms him backinto a 14 year old boy and judging by the stunned look on his face i dont think he knowshow to talk to women yet. and the winner by tko and the new captainmarvel – carol danvers it was a fast hypothetical fight indeed, butcaptain marvel proved to just be too much for shazam in this fight.

he forgot to expose her alcoholism, perhapsin the next fight hell start things off with a beer there we have it friends! do you agree with our pick? or do you think shazam deserved to win? let us know in the comments below. if you enjoyed this video, please show ussome love by hitting those like and subscribe buttons. plus don’t forget to take a look at ourchannel as well, and check out some more of

our versus videos! we’ve got a ton of great content in theplaylist that’s currently flashing on your screen. from top 10 nerd, im johnny rogers and untilnext time, take care.

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