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captain marvel quiz

captain marvel quiz

scott: in a few years, we’ll be getting acaptain marvel movie. actually, we’re technically getting two. one of them is from marvel. guesswhat that one’s called, and the other one is from dc, titled shazam after the characterof the same name who originally was also called captain marvel but wasn’t originally ownedby dc. it’s all pretty complicated but hopefully, we can shed some light on who owns the namecaptain marvel. welcome to comic misconceptions. i’m scott, and i could’ve done the smart thingand waited until some big news or announcement regarding the captain marvel movie came outbefore posting this video to hopefully give it an seo boost via tent-pole programmingcapitalizing on search trends and audience

interests but i didn’t. just wanted to talkabout captain marvel today. there have been quite a few comic book characters to takeon the name captain marvel over the years, and i am definitely not going to touch onall of them, though we will talk about the main ones and even a super-obscure one. mostly,though, i just wanted to talk about the crazy stories and legal issues involving the namecaptain marvel in comics. the very first captain marvel in comics was this guy right here thatmany of you might know as the dc character called shazam nowadays. originally though,he first appeared under the name captain marvel in whiz comics #2 from 1940, created by c.c.beck and bill parker from the publisher fawcett comics. then director, roscoe kent fawcett,said that he told his team to specifically

create a superman character, only make hima young boy instead of a man. you see, in order to attract more young readers to comicbooks, writers starting creating kid sidekicks in the early ’40s. robin, bucky, speedy — theywere all created as a way to relate to kids who read the comics better than the adultheroes could. but the problem is that the sidekicks were just that, sidekicks. what’sgreat about captain marvel is that he was the first, or at least the first notable examplein comics, of a kid who was himself the hero. in case you don’t know the backstory of captainmarvel, i will give you an incredibly brief rundown of it right now. but just like lastweek, if you want a more in-depth origin story, i’ll put a link in the description to my friendarris’s video over at variant who, once again,

did a great job of it. but the very essenceof his origin is that a young boy named billy batson was bestowed the gift of magical superpowersby an old wizard named shazam. whenever billy said that word, he would go from a young boyand turn into the adult captain marvel, magical superpowers and all. also, shazam at the timewas a made up word, and i don’t know why that blows my mind but it does. i always figuredthey took the word from somewhere. but either way, that’s just a brief summary of the characterjust so we’re all on the same page. needless to say, the idea of a magic word that canturn a kid into a superhero made captain marvel an incredibly successful hit. you have thisgreat cartoony art style and fun stories that didn’t take themselves too seriously, andsuddenly captain marvel is so popular that

he becomes the first official comic book superherostarring in a live action adventure serial in 1941 that was — surprise, surprise — anothersuccess. billy batson: shazam! scott: there was even a time when captainmarvel books were outselling superman, and dc did not like that. you see, with the earlysuccess of superman, many other comic publishers tried to introduce superman-like charactersinto their own comics but were quickly shut down by dc. but captain marvel was superman’sbiggest competition yet, so dc sent a cease-and-desist letter to fawcett saying that their characterwas a rip-off of the man of steel, and they needed to stop publishing captain marvel comics.fawcett has already dealt with dc before regarding

one of their other characters, master man,but they wanted to fight this one. so, they didn’t stop publishing captain marvel comics,and in 1941 dc sued fawcett for copyright infringement. the case wasn’t actually broughtto trial until 1948, and in that time captain marvel remained super popular. there wereeven some months where issues sold anywhere between 1.3 million to 2 million copies twicea month. and to put that in perspective, the best-selling issue of 2014 was amazing spider-man#1, which had only sold half a million copies the month it came out. with superhero comicsslowly dying out after world war ii, fawcett’s sales dropped significantly. so, with thetrials flip-flopping back and forth in favor of one publisher or the other, fawcett decidedthat it wasn’t financially smart to keep fighting

dc, and in 1952, they settled out of courtand paid dc $400,000 and stopped making captain marvel comics. now, here’s where the storygets interesting. two decades later, in 1972, dc comics approaches fawcett comics, interestedin licensing the rights to captain marvel and the entire marvel family, and revivingthem inside the dc universe. dc eventually bought the characters completely in the ’80s,and published a miniseries called shazam: the new beginning. but why isn’t that bookcalled captain marvel like the main character? well, you see, during the decade or so afterthe lawsuit was settled, the captain marvel trademark was just kind of out there for anyoneto take. fawcett couldn’t use it per their deal with dc, and dc didn’t even know thatthey wanted the characters yet. this led to

a brand-new captain marvel in the mid-’60sfrom a different publisher but, no, it’s probably not the one you’re thinking of. it’s a charactercreated by a comic book publisher known as m.f. enterprises. this character is just theworst. his power is that he can detach his limbs by yelling the word "split" and bringthem back together by saying, "xam" — that’s x-a-m — and that’s it. i can’t decide ifthat’s better or worse than arm fall off boy. the series lasted only four issues but legendhas it that it was this character that caught the attention of yet another company, andinspired them to create their own captain marvel character, and this time file for atrademark. and yes, this company is marvel comics, who in the late ’60s gained the trademarkfor the name captain marvel, most likely because

they just wanted to snatch up anything withthe word "marvel" in it. they released their first comic with a hero by that name in marvelsuper-heroes #12 from 1967, a kree space fleet captain named mar-vell. this would end upbeing really bad news for dc when they started introducing captain marvel back into theirown comics a decade or so later. they had the copyright to the character but not thetrademark on his name. this would mean that inside the comics, they could call the charactercaptain marvel, but they could not advertise or promote the comic using that name. andthis is why dc titled the comics "shazam," and eventually just changed the character’sname completely to that as well with the launch of the new 52. in regards to marvel comics,you may have noticed that there is a butt-ton

of characters that take on the mantle of captainmarvel. there’s the original mar-vell, there’s the first one that i was introduced to, monicarambeau, who made her debut in the early ’80s, and a handful of others. but probably themost notable — i would assume since she’s getting her own movie soon — is carol danvers,who first appeared in marvel super-heroes #13 from 1968. once again, a very brief rundownof the character because it is a bit confusing. she was a friend and love interest of mar-vell,the original captain marvel when a kree device exploded and caused her to absorb some ofmar-vell’s dna, turning her into a human/kree hybrid and giving her some superpowers. sheadopted the name ms. marvel with her own series in 1977, and just recently adopted the namecaptain marvel in 2012, not long ago at all.

now, like i said, marvel has a ton of characterswho have had the name captain marvel over the years. so, why is that name tossed aroundso much? well, it’s pretty simple. when it comes to trademarks, it’s not enough justto have one. you actually need to publish something every once in awhile to help provethat you’re trying to enforce your trademark. if you do nothing with it and you don’t tryto enforce it, then you could effectively lose it, and if marvel ever lost the trademark,you can bet that dc would jump in and grab it as fast as they possibly could. so, inorder to enforce their trademark on the name, marvel would release a new captain marvelcomic at least every few years. the problem is that none of marvel’s past captain marvelcharacters have ever been historically a huge

hit. so, marvel kept coming up with new charactersto fill that role, hoping that one would be a big success with the readers. now, caroldanvers is probably marvel’s best shot right now of keeping that trademark, which kindof makes you wonder if one of marvel’s ulterior motives behind making the 2018 captain marvelfilm is to further protect that trademark. it’s at least interesting to think about it,i think. it probably doesn’t hurt. and that is the somewhat complicated story of the captainmarvel name in comics from its origin in fawcett to where it lies right now at marvel. i hopethat was as interesting to learn about as it was for me to research. question, though:out of all the characters who have ever been called captain marvel, who is your favorite?let me know in the comments. i mean, it’s

not really fair. we all know it’s the detachablelimb guy for sure. quick announcement: next week i will hopefully be on the weekly pollpodcast live right here on youtube, so go check that out if you are interested in thatsort of thing. i’ll try to put more information in the description if you’re interested. andif this is your first time hanging out with us at nerdsync, we’d love you to hit thatbig, sexy subscribe button. we do weekly comic book videos just like this one every wednesday,and we don’t want you to miss out on any of it. so, subscribe, like i just said, and onceagain, i’m scott. you can find me on twitter and instagram, and we’ll see you right herenext week for more things that you thought you knew about comics. see ya!

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