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jasmine in aladdin movie 2019

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jasmine in aladdin movie 2019

jasmine in aladdin movie 2019

years ago, uncle and aunt made me steal moneyfor mother’s medicines. but today.. but today, because of themthe son of a virtuous woman is the biggest thief in baghdad. tell us, landlord habibullah. i want justice,princess yasmine. i’ve paid my taxes on time but the governmenthas confiscated my diamond.

i think it’s a conspiracy. that blue diamond is a remembranceof my late father. your father, the kingis very innocent. someone has instigated him. i’ve paid all my taxes on time. i’m sure someonefrom the palace is trying to cheat the king. if you are telling the truth,i assure you

that i’ll make sureyou get justice. i am the crown princess. thank you, princess. you have promised himbut how will you serve justice? you aren’t the queen yet. even if i’m not the queen yet i have to fulfilthe responsibilities of a queen. please be carefultill the king and the queen return from india.

because your palanquin will passthrough the city in the royal processionthis evening. please don’t do somethingdangerous, today. ‘i’ll have to stealthe blue diamond.’ ‘i have to savehabibullah’s blue diamond.’ long live princess yasmine! a lot of sweet kids aregiving you flowers, princess. the kids are so cute! wave at them, princess.yes, very good.

put your hand inside or elsesomeone might steal your jewels. yes, give her the flowers.. where is aladdin? i am so unlucky. gulbadan must be lookingat the princess.. while i.. piddi. what are you doing, princess? help me, piddi.it’s too tight.

okay..wait. piddi! i’ll be back in a minute,princess. what is it, ma’am? is everything okay at home? yes.a lot of rats run around. i swear on gold coins. that’s what you’ll getafter paying such low rent. let them run in the house.let them have fun.

never mind, do me a favour. let gulbadan meet the princess. ma’am, the thing is..- what’s wrong? why are you hesitating? you know how costlythe world has become, don’t you? what if the rentincreases overnight? you will miss the homeas well as the rats. take him, dear.. go, you idiot.

let’s go. princess yasmine. do you know who is the mostbeautiful person in baghdad? it’s me, gulbadan. don’t look at me now. you might faintafter seeing my beauty. long live princess yasmine!- hey, piddi! did the princess faintafter seeing me? she isn’t looking at me.

i’ll check.. they’re already unconscious. someone is already hereto steal the diamond. what’s wrong? n-nothing. the princessis very upset with you. why?- you’re very beautiful. she is jealous after seeingyour beauty. she is very upset.

this usually happens with me. i can’t help it.i’m so beautiful. i too am beautifullike the princess. g-go away, gulbadan. the princess is very angry,right now. yes.. goodbye, princess. go..- goodbye, piddi. – yes.. by the way, piddi..

you’re a very good tenant. yes. mom! dad!- where did she go? ‘fake masked thief?’ "i felt overwhelmed" "when our eyes met." "when our eyes met.." "when our eyes met" "i felt overwhelmed."

‘after i saw youi realised that i’m in love.’ which song is this?- well.. there isn’t any right now but it will definitelybe composed someday. and that too for some duplicate thieflike you. hey..i-i.. i’m sorry. despite being a girl,you’re committing theft?

and i was only.. ‘it’s a duplicate diamond.’ it’s duplicate. duplicate?- wonderful! you’re exactly as i have heard. no one else can differentiatebetween the original and fake better than you. who are you?

an honest man. since when did honest menstart looking for thieves? you’re cunning. you’re also sensible.- i’m also in a hurry. see you.- would you not want to know why an honest manwants to meet you? i’m not interested in meetinghonest men like you. you must be interestedin 10,000 gold coins, mister!

i was sure that a thief would stay backafter being offered money. you’d obviously know. after all, only a thiefunderstands the other. i’m not a thief! you should rather say,you’re a thief but not an ordinary one. if your opponent is sensible it feels goodto have a discussion.

now,i know since you’ve come to me it means, i haveto steal something for you. but what?- by next friday you have to stealsomething for me and meet me behindthe ‘kaali pahadi’. but what do i have to steal? something that no one has been ableto steal all this while. a lamp!

what did you find there? that the landlord, habibullahwas right. there’s something wrongin the palace. and the blue diamond which he had depositedin the royal treasury was duplicate. piddi, you know what? i was about to find outthe truth but then.. but what?

the masked thiefcame over there. baghdad’s famous masked thief! you met him? he must be dreadful, right? no.he looked fine. but piddi, a personis recognised by his deeds and not by his appearance. mother did a lot for me. she worked hard.

she slogged. she tolerated people’s taunts. ‘look, there goestraitor’s wife.’ ‘shameless!’ but now i can give her allthe happiness in the world. ‘you must be interested’ ‘in 10,000 gold coins.’ mother!- long live queen ruksaar!

long live queen ruksaar!- long live.. mercy.. ruksaar.. queen ruksaar.. let me tell you that i didn’t eat anythingsince last few days. sister-in-law, here you go.all of you go home and have food,all right? – give it to me.. long live queen ruksaar!

long live queen ruksaar!long live.. mother will livelike a queen now. my dream is going to come true. twenty years ago, umar burntthe map of the magical lamp and ruined all my dreams. now the masked thiefwill bring that magical lamp and keep it at my feet. but brother-in-law, whatis so special about that lamp?

oh, lord!save me. brother-in-law, who’s he! he’s someonewho will make me the most powerful and the strongest manin this universe! he will make me the rulerof this world and not just baghdad! he is the genie, in the magical lamp.

brother-in-law, he’s so huge!- yes, indeed he is. he’s so huge. we have to arrangesome special place to keep him. we definitely have to makearrangements but to be the king of baghdad. with the helpof this powerful genie i am going to becomethe king of baghdad!

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